Prenatal Diagnosis

Prenatal Diagnosis is a part of gynecology. It refers to the testing for diseases or conditions in a fetus or embryo before the child is born. Target audience are of 40% industry, Academia 20% and 40% of others.  Diagnostic testing can be performed by many invasive or non-invasive methods. As discussed in several  gynecology events  worldwide, the aim of this is to detect birth defects for examples  neural tube defects, Down syndrome, genetic disorders, chromosome disorder and other genetic disorders  such as sickle cell anemia , spina bifida, Tay Sachs disease, cystic fibrosis, Muscular dystrophy, cleft palate, thalassemia, and fragile X syndrome. Non-invasive techniques include examinations of the woman's womb by using ultrasonography and maternal serum screens.

  • Risk Factors in Preterm Birth
  • Gene Responsibility in Preterm Birth
  • Methods to Evade Preterm Birth

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